The Benefits of Having Grout-Free Bathroom Wall Surrounds and Wainscoting

The Benefits of Having Grout-Free Bathroom Wall Surrounds and Wainscoting

Grout is prone to several problems, including fungal growth and deterioration. Luckily, there’s a non-grout solution available for homeowners who wish to have the appearance of tile on their bathroom walls. Grout-free wall surrounds and wainscoting are stylish options that will help keep your bathroom beautiful, clean, and protected.

Easy to Clean and Maintain
Anyone who has had a tile and grout wall surround in their bathroom can tell you what a pain it is to clean. Scrubbing in between each tile to remove grime, mildew, and mold is time consuming and unpleasant. To make things worse, grout doesn’t last forever. It deteriorates over time, sometimes requiring re-grouting.

No Loose Tiles
If grout deteriorates to the point that it’s no longer serving its function as a tile joiner, pieces of tile may become loose from the rest of the wall. This leads to tile damage and can result in injury from sharp edges and falling tiles. With a grout-free bathroom wall, you’ll never have to worry about loose tiles.

Resistant to Moisture
Grout-free alternatives, like DuraBath SSP, are made from a solid and non-porous material that is resistant to water, mildew, and mold growth. This wall surround material outperforms acrylic surface alternatives in the bathroom and comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s also available in a variety of styles and colors and doesn’t require the extra cost of grout and grout sealers.

Protected Walls
Bathroom wainscoting serves both stylish and practical functions. The color, texture, pattern, or style that it adds to a room refreshes the room’s look. Wainscoting also protects bathroom walls from the constant barrage of steam and moisture. It’s extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. High-quality wainscoting is non-porous, meaning it won’t retain moisture.

Bay State Kitchen & Bath custom manufactures new bathroom wall surrounds and installs wainscoting using our state-of-the-art and exclusive DuraBath SSP material. It’s superior to materials used by other remodeling companies because it is bathroom ready. It’s also grout-free, non-porous, and guaranteed for a lifetime. Call us today at (781) 826-4141 for more information about new bathroom wall surrounds, tub liners, and shower bases.